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As the lights went out for Race1 Sailesh Bolisetti shot into the lead with his team mate Sriram in tow, followed by Nithvin S Ravindran driving from Coimbatore. Past the half way mark Sriram managed to over-rev the engine. This culminated his race and promoted Nithvin to second and Vir Raina finished third. Race2 saw Nithvin slotting... read more

As the lights went off for Race1, Sailesh who sling shot into the league once again with Siddarth Kishore, who had qualified an unexpected second chasing him down. And third place was Nithvin Ravindran trying hard to hold Siddarth’s  defense. The latter was unable to maintain his momentum though and fell behind giving an easy win to Sailesh with Nithvin finishing... read more